Event Details

Dates: Mondays, August 27 - October 8, 2018 (6 sessions - No class Sept 3)
Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

NEPIRC’s Lean Specialist Certificate Program is a series of courses that covers the concepts and tools manufacturing professionals need to support Continuous Improvement efforts in today’s challenging work environment. The curriculum encompasses the technical and interpersonal skills required to implement sustainable improvements in productivity, quality and workplace safety. This program is ideal for individuals of all levels and designed to be appropriate for companies at all stages of their lean journey.

Outline of Sessions:

Week 1 - 8/27/18
Morning - Principles of Lean Manufacturing
Lean Enterprise tools and techniques improve productivity, cut lead times, increase product quality and reduce production costs. Participate in a simulation that transforms a traditional manufacturing company into a Lean Enterprise.

Afternoon - Value Stream Mapping
Visually map production and information flows throughout an organization. Identify wastes that adversely affect customer satisfaction. Create a current and a future state map, identify wastes, and implement a plan for improvement.

Week 2 - 9/10/18
Morning - 6S Workplace Organization

The 6S System is a series of activities that improve workplace organization, standardization and safety while improving quality and decreasing throughput times. Learn the techniques needed to establish visual management systems to improve workplace communication and adherence to standards.

Afternoon - Standard Work
Standard Work is the starting point for all continuous improvement efforts. Learn this proven method for creating standard work, applying document control, and how to use visual workplace principles to train others in the latest best practice.

Week 3 - 9/17/18
Morning - Lean for Business Processes
Learn how Lean Principles apply to administrative processes and how they can significantly shorten process lead times, reduce waste, increase output and raise customer satisfaction.

Afternoon - Kaizen Facilitation Skills
Learn to successfully lead a team through an improvement event. Through instruction, group exercise, group discussion, and practical application, participants gain confidence in leading and facilitating change.

Week 4 - 9-24-18
Morning - Leadership Skills
Learn how to apply responsibility and authority, delegate effectively, motivate others, reduce conflict, and increase productivity.

Afternoon - High Performance Teams
Learn strategies to build trust, improve morale and enhance group problem solving capabilities. Pinpoint barriers and develop constructive strategies, behavioral styles and skills.

Week 5 - 10/1/18
Morning - Problem Solving

This methodology to identify a problem, discover the root cause, make data driven decision, implement the solution, measure the improvement, and communicate the improvement creates a learning culture that improves performance.

Afternoon - Change Management
Identify and develop the skills to be more effective at leading change, whether the change is one they have chosen to initiate or one they have been asked to implement.

Week 6 - 10/8/18
Rapid Changeover & Graduation Luncheon

Directly address losses and dramatically reduce the downtime associated with make readies and other machine changeovers, resulting in increased flexibility and customer responsiveness.

  • When: Mon Aug. 27 - 8:00 am
    Mon Oct. 8 5:00 pm

  • Address: 75 Young Street
    Hanover Township PA,US 18706

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