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Being Successful Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful!!

Did you know that Women Suffer greater Stress than men?

Do you think Face it--stress is a part of life, right?

Like death and taxes?

Well, ladies, it doesn't have to be! Join me in this short class designed to open you up to a new way to look at your body, mind, and life. In this class, I will share with your some of the insights I have discovered to help success-minded women just like you overcome the daily physical, emotional, and mental pain you have been suffering with for way too long. My name is Sally Reid. I am a Medical Intuitive, Energy Medicine Provider and Healer. My gift is to see inside of people's bodies and see what is really going on with them. I have helped thousands of women just like you to get control of their minds and ease the nagging physical problems that have been building over the years of you ignoring your own needs. Over the years I have noticed something--people suffer so much! And often unnecessarily! Remember when you didn't feel this way? You can feel that way again. I have devised a way that you can get your life back--fast! Join me as I go through the 5 steps that I have discovered that you need to take to cut down on how your body takes in stress, how you can end your physical pain and live the life you really want. It's easier than you think... Join Me! There will be time at the end of the presentation for your questions.

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  • When: Sat Aug. 11
    3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

  • Address: Facebook Live Event
    Wilkes-Barre PA,US

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