Seven Tubs Natural Area

Seven Tubs Natural Area is a 500-acre, publicly accessible recreation area owned by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Water from a stream called Wheelbarrow Run cascades through a ravine settling in large potholes or “tubs” the water has gouged out of the underlying bedrock. The forest surrounding Wheelbarrow 

Hiking trails lead to and around the Tubs area allowing visitors to enjoy the diverse natural life and hilly terrain of the area.

In the Wheelbarrow forest area, there are a couple options for hiking and neither are extremely difficult though very young children or the elderly could have problems with the uneven ground and climbing.

Be sure to stop first on the foot bridge to admire your first view of the fall and one of the tubs carved into the rock.

After crossing the bridge, you have 2 options:  Go left and up or go right toward the stream.

  • Go Left:  If you choose to go left you several other falls and tubs.  When you reach the top of this hike, have 2 choices for returning. Right which loops around and comes back down by the stream, or take the foot bridge across the water and hike back down the other side of the falls.
  • Go Right, start out walking by the stream then loop around and come back down by the falls.

In warmer weather you'll see people wading in the water and younger children swimming in the deeper areas. Take time to enjoy the view of the falls, the trees and nature at Seven Tubs Recreation Area.